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World Tracker
"track your life, track the world"

Easy to use, multiplatform support, rapid response time, multiple target live tracking, customizable look for the WT unit, user friendly environment, built in powerful tools, 24/7 support system.
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PhotoWT can be customized according to customer°s needs on program adding or modifying existing ones. There are similarities between applications and creative solutions that fit from one industry to another. If we need additional information that you cannot provide, we will explore, get creative, and research solutions until we can satisfy customerĘs particular need.

The customization is not limited in programming but also in equipment. We can develop both hardware and software for your product, and we do as little or as much of the development as you need us to do. The colouring of the devices could be changed, print company logos as well as to intervene in the parameters of the devices according to the specification given by the customer. If you would like more details, please contact our sales team.